Infrared Thermometer

Non-Contact Digital Infrared Thermometer with German Lens, Taiwanese Sensor for children and adults

Products Features

  • FDA Approved: The infrared thermometer is tested and approved to ensure its safe to use on infants and adults.
  • Digital Infrared Thermometer: No need to second guess the temperature readings. The infrared thermometer will record body temperature at a distance of 5-7cm and show on the LCD display. Large screen LCD display can be shown in three colour backlights and The offset value parameters can be modified to suit different races (white, black, yellow, etc.). You can get the measurement in less than 1 second (<1 second).
  • German Lens : Equipped with the most advanced German lens technology, infrared thermometer records temperature without any physical contact. It has Taiwanese Sensor installed that helps in accurately recording the temperature and stores the history up to 32 measurement data for analysis and comparison. It is Light weight and Portable as it weighs 88g without battery and is easy to maintain and carry while travelling.
  • No Physical Contact: Measure the temperature from the forehead of the human body keeping it at a distance of 5-7cm.
  • Option between C and F : Choose the reading of your choice between C or F.


Product description

The non contact forehead thermometer is FDA approved. For best results, use it from a distance of 5-7cm from the forehead to measure the body temperature. Backed by advanced technology, it comes with a German lens and Taiwanese sensor to give you a precise reading in a matter of moments. It comes with a large LCD display, colour-coded to give an accurate result. It can be used to measure the temperature of either a person or an object.


Technical Specifications

Normal use conditions: Ambient temperature: 10`C ~40`C Relative humidity: < 85%

  • Power supply: DC3V (2AAA batteries)
  • Product size: 136 x 87 x 40mm (length x width x height)
  • Product net weight- 88g
  • Measuring range
  • Object temperature mode: 0`C ~ 100`C
    (Measure milk, Bath water temperature)
  • Body temperature mode: 32`C ~ 42.9`C
    (Measure human body temperature)
  • Accuracy: 0`C~32`C = + 0.3`C
    32`C~39`C= + 0.2`C
    39`C~42`C= + 0.3`C
    43`C~100`C= + 0.3`C
  • Power consumption: <50mW
  • Executive standard: GB9706. 1-2007


Why Choose Infrared Thermometer?

  • Infrared Digital Thermometer
  • No Physical Contact
  • Automatic Shutdown in 7seconds
  • Highly Accurate Reading
  • LCD Display
  • Multifunctional and easy to operate
  • Long Shelf Life
  • Dual Unit and Unit conversion available
  • Portable and Light weight
  • Useful for measuring: Body Temperature, Skin surface temperature, Object Temperature and Liquid Temperature especially for infant bathing water, etc. therefore making it multifunctional.

How to Use Digital Infrared Thermometer?

Body temperature or physical temperature measurement

  1. Mode switching: You can choose the temperature settings as per your convenience in C or F.
  2. Body temperature measurement: Put the temperature gun into the centre of the forehead. Make sure the forehead is not covered by hair,hat or is sweaty. If there is sweat wipe it dry, 5-7cm of Distance from the forehead is recommended.
  3. Pull the measurement trigger key: With a beep “DI” the measurement is completed and the measurements results are displayed.


1. Can it be used on infants and children?

Yes, it is a body digital infrared thermometer which is safe to use on infants, children and adults. It is safe for infants because of its No Physical Contact feature that helps to measure body and skin surface temperature from a distance of 5-7cm.

2. How is it multifunctional?

It is used for measure body and skin surface temperature, object surface temperature and temperature of liquids. You can check the temperature of warm water before giving a bath to the infant or giving him/her milk, etc. You can also check the temperature of a non-living thing.

3. What is the life of the thermometer?

It can be used for 2 years and more without any battery exhaustion.

4. How do I use an Infrared Thermometer on my forehead?

It is a simple to use device. All you need is to keep it at a distance of 5-7cm from the forehead. Make sure forehead is not sweaty and hair or hat is not covering the forehead. Within a second you will get a digital reading of your temperature.

5. Is there any warranty or guarantee?

Yes, the Digital Infrared Thermometer comes with 6 month replacement warranty.